ICML + EAHIL 2017 Bursary Information

For information about EAHIL-EBSCO bursaries please see http://eahil.eu/get-involved/scholarships/

ICML + EAHIL 2017 Conference Fee Waiver

ICML + EAHIL 2017 Conference Fee Waivers are provided to a health sciences librarian or information professional who is involved in nursing, allied health, consumer health or international librarianship. The recipient(s) receives a waiver for the registration fee for ICML + EAHIL 2017. Waivers are intended to help an information professional to attend ICML + EAHIL 2017 when financial constraints would put attendance beyond their reach.

Waivers may be awarded to candidates resident in any country, however it is the responsibility of candidates to arrange Visa entry to Ireland.

The waiver will provide finance to cover the conference fee only. Travelling, accommodation and other incidental expenditure is the responsibility of the candidate.

Travel and Visits

If the primary aim is attendance at a conference, you are encouraged to also consider arranging visits to information organisations in the country concerned.


On return, the IPC requires you to disseminate to the profession the information or understanding you have gained from the programme. You should submit a short report to the IPC, but this should be combined with an article in the professional press or other form of dissemination e.g. Blog entry.

Important Dates

Award winners of the Conference Fee Waiver have been notified. Thank you to everyone who applied.


  • Applicant must be currently employed as a health sciences/ medical librarian/information professional and have an interest in medical, nursing, allied health, consumer health, or international librarianship.
  • Preferred that applicant has between one and three years experience as a health sciences librarian at the time of ICML + EAHIL 2017.
  • Applicant must complete an application including a 200-word statement answering the questions listed below.

Priority Consideration Criteria:

  • Applicant is a member of a professional library AssociationEAHIL.
  • Applicant is a first time attendee at ICML or EAHIL.
  • Applicant is presenting (or has submitted) a paper or a poster at ICML + EAHIL 2017.
  • Applicant is from a HINARI-eligible country, as defined by the WHO: http://www.who.int/hinari/eligibility/en/
  • Applicant must have permission or approval, and be available (as far as it is possible to predict) to attend


There are no conditions of professional affiliation but you should have some period of professional experience in information or library services and a working knowledge of the language of the country which you propose visiting would be advantageous. It is intended that each waiver will be awarded to a single applicant; applications for joint programmes will not be considered; nor will retrospective awards. Winners will receive a conference fee waiver. If no candidate is determined eligible, no award will be given. Letters of reference are NOT requested or desired.

The decisions of the IPC are final and they reserve the right not to make an Award of a waiver if they judge there to be no suitable candidates.